The Quickest and Easiest way to deploy cloud Services

A cloud based platform as a means of delivering next generation services to your customer base

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Avoid the burden of integrating services on home routers

Services are typically deployed today via integration on our routers. It's become a messy process, with limited ability to scale and expensive to sustain in the long-term.
There is a better way!
Promoting Services

Promoting Services from your Data Center

Virtual Services is a new and unique way in which Service Providers can create a truly differentiating selection of cloud-services, improving customer experience while reducing both OpEx and CapEx.
A vision for flexibility and growth.
Promoting Services

Why choose Virtual Services?

Any Router Model

Keep the same service offering over a fleet of different routers. Including what is already deployed.


A platform approach that is designed to allow your service offering to grow and grow.

Easy Maintenance

A clean separation between the router and each service makes maintenance, upgrades and debug simpler

Instant Deployment

Deploy new services immediately from your data center without touching the routers

Flexible Offerings

Offer new types of services or multiple options for existing ones. Avoid vendor lock-in. Get creative!

CapEx Savings

CapEx savings by extending the life of existing models or easing requirements on new ones

Evergrowing Choice of Services

Having the equivalent of a dedicated edge computer for each customer, the potential is unbounded.


Carrier-grade services. Multi-site networks using off-the-shelf routers. Learn more

WiFi Diagnostics

Improve customer experience and reduce support costs with intelligent Wi-Fi analysis Learn more


Watch movies on your TV directly from your own cloud storage account. Learn more


Write your own service and deploy without touching the routers. Learn more


Parental Control, Internet security, IoT Protection and more from the home router Learn more


A dedicated gaming server on a monthly basis. Simple and cheap. Learn more

Virtual Office

A complete office-on-the-go for a monthly fee. Storage, compute and network. Learn more

Smart Home

Smart home framework and applications from Bosch. Learn more

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We’d love to share more about the Virtual Services and how it may work for you. Feel free to call us or leave your details and we’ll get in touch to schedule a demo.
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